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See What Our Customers

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Awesome sandwiches! I got a half Italian and it was HUGE. I ate half and saved the the rest for the next day. The bread was awesome. I like extra vinegar and the bread held up the next day and it wasn't a soggy mess. Can't believe this gem has been right under my nose all this time.

– Amanda D.

First time in this place a friend of mine recommended to me that I try a hoagie from Art's. Sandwich was ready for pickup, service was great and friendly. Ordered a roast beef hoagie roll was fresh and good, hoagie was big for the price and meaty but not to overstuffed. Ladies explained about additional items to me on the menu and info about cheesesteaks. We will be back for a steak sandwich and maybe surprise them someday and try a breakfast sandwich and prices seem good.

– Michael C.

Great sandwiches. Excellent prices. Nice mom and pop deli. I've tried hoagies and cheese steaks. Will definitely be back.

– Jebb

Looking for a good hoagie spot. We hate when the when a hoagie is more bread then meat and well this place doesn't have that problem. We'll definitely go back... More probably then we should.. Thank you for the great lunch!

– Marco R.

I was referred to this deli by a colleague. I stopped by once and was hooked on their giant subs. I came back four times after that in the same week, and each time I tried a different sub. All of them were really good.

It's a small hole in the wall place, but it turned out to be a real gem. Sadly I live far away in Ohio, otherwise I would have been back here more often.

– Asim A.

My go to hoagie spot, always amazing sandwiches (I never had their hot food). The people behind the counter are extremely friendly and you really get that small town feeling when going there.

– Kris B.

Stopped in to get a hoagie and decided to order a roast beef and cheese and it was HUGE. The hoagie was tasty and was well worth the price. The people that work here are top notch and are always thanking you for going there.

– Joe P.

Why do I keep coming back when in town?

  1. Best sub/hoagie ever?
  2. Biggest?
  3. Best value for the money?
  4. Excellent service?

Yes, all the above, plus that need to immediately gain 5 lbs then skip dinner after eating a "half" sub. I hope this place doesn't figure out that something that big is not a half anywhere else.
Can't be beat, consistent each and every visit.

– Raymond S.